Lebanon Valley College Panoramic Photo

This video is of the making of Lebanon Valley College’s panoramic photo in December. The photo was created for the 2011 President’s Report, to replicate a historic photo from from 1914 in the school’s archive.

The day was rainy and I was afraid we’d be washed out, or that not enough students would show up. But miraculously the rain stopped for a couple hours, allowing the ground to dry a bit and giving me time to set things up (I’m the guy in the red parka). Meanwhile the grounds crew got tarps and plastic bags for students to sit on, and they showed up en masse.

After making just two sets of exposures it began to rain again, but I had gotten just what we needed. I noticed several students on a rooftop behind me taking pictures of the general chaos, and learned the next day they had put together this time-lapse video of the whole production.

Page layouts from the President’s Report can be found in a new gallery under the Educational menu. Enjoy!

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