EZ-Find ad campaign: Everyone needs this

Okay, maybe not everyone – but a whole lotta people do. Funny how this project happened; I was talking with a friend who said she needed a beeper to find her favorite coffee mug lost somewhere in her house. I said that would be a pretty good invention and maybe we should get right on it; to which she responded, surely somebody must have done that already.

Turns out she was right. It’s out there, although I had never heard of it before. And since it just happened that the assignment for my graphics class at Frederick Community College was to design a series of print ads for any electronic device, I decided to make my ads for the “EZ-Find” electronic locator system.

I think the product name might be reconsidered, but the concept is pure genius. I didn’t have much time to pull this off, but thanks to the help of a couple friends who were willing to model I came up with a series of four ads for EZ-Find that were fun to imagine and create.

To all my clients and designer friends, don’t worry, your jobs are secure. I haven’t done much designing since the days of waxing type and art onto boards that then were shot with a litho camera to burn plates for the press. Now I’m working as a beginner again with Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, that do so much more it’s ridiculous. No doubt most of you already know these programs inside and out. For me there’s been a pretty steep learning curve but I’m enjoying the ride.

My main priority with these ads was to meet the criteria for my assignment, but I also wanted to have a little fun with it. And to make photos that served up a little story line for each ad. Thanks to Jenica Gill and Jack Ziadeh, my glamorous and talented models, I think we pulled it off. We’ll see what my teacher thinks when the grade comes in, but kudos anyway to Tracy Boyd for her inspiration and creative encouragement.

To whoever invented EZ-Find, another classic piece of kitschy innovation – thanks, we needed that almost as badly as we needed the Veg-o-Matic. These ads are now copyrighted by me – but if EZ-Find wants to use my copy or photos, I’ll make them a really good deal!

Remember, I can do this for you too. If the ads below can happen with no budget and a kamikaze schedule, think of what we can do with a working budget, a reasonable time frame and a specific media outlet in mind. I can make great photos that talk to your target audience or sell your product or service even more effectively. We can have fun with it too. A little something to keep in mind.


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