New black and white

Recently I put black and white film into my old Rolleiflex again for the first time in several years. I haven’t gone very far with it, at least not yet. Nor have I hauled out my old 4×5 view camera. But with Spring finally here I have a feeling that could happen.

So far I’ve just poked around near my home and a little farther afield, across the river in Loudon County, Virginia, with the Rollei. There’s a Catoctin Creek flowing into the Potomac River from both sides, and it’s around this territory that I’ve made a few exploratory photos on film again.

My Rollei takes beautiful portraits and I look forward to doing more people work with it. Although I make mostly digital photographs these days, many of the photos in my portrait gallery on this website were made with this camera (see it here). It feels good to crank film again. And after the sterility of constant digital work I even enjoyed the tactile experience of developing it – something I loved to hate back in the days of shooting all film, all the time.

Anyway, just for the fun of it here are some late winter black and white images from around my neck of the woods. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed making them. I think there may be more, even better b/w to come – stay tuned.

Catoctin Creek near Myersville, Maryland

Underneath Crow Rock Road bridge near Myersville

Awesome roots of a venerable sycamore

Roots of another tree nearby, in a tributary stream. Can you tell I love roots?

St. John’s Lutheran Church cemetery, Myersville. I love how the two cypress trees echo the two grave stones in the foreground.

Route 17 near Burkittsville, Maryland. I saw the clouds and the light coming off those wires and had to pull over, run into the road and snap this before any more cars came along. This was purely for that beautiful light.

Loudon County, Virginia, late afternoon light

Storm debris in a small tributary to Catoctin Creek near Lovettsville, VA

Milltown Creek near Lovettsville, VA

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