Spring tiptoes in

Poet Carl Sandburg wrote that the fog comes on little cat feet. I’m thinking spring does too. We’re emerging from the winter doldrums in mid-Maryland, very slowly but surely. Here’s an overview as of March 31: early flowers are out; the leaves are kinda sorta ready to pop – well, maybe in a few weeks. See for yourself…

A Vinca blossom (also known as periwinkle) peeks out from the detritus of winter along the banks of Antietam Creek.

It’s never too early for those who love fishing, and the season’s open. Also on Antietam Creek, at Devil’s Backbone Park.

Another angler upstream appears nearly headless due to obscuring tree branches.

A nearly full moon rises over Washington County, Maryland

…While the river outfitter across the road is definitely not yet ready for prime time.

It’s still plenty cold, like this day last week on Little Catoctin Creek near Brunswick.

Golden sun lights up St. John’s church yard in Myersville. This is an old familiar landmark as I bicycle up East Church Hill Rd.

The fence enclosing St. John’s church yard is slowly acquiring a backdrop of color. Stay tuned, it’ll get better.

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